Swedish Body Massage


Ideal for relieving tension and aching muscles.

Full body and facial massage £38 (75 mins)

Full body massage £30 (1 hour)

Back, neck and shoulder massage £20 (30 mins)

Relaxer massage (back, face and feet) £26 (45 mins)

Deep cleansing back massage (includes exfoliation and mask) £26 (45 mins)

Holistic Touch (Complementary Therapies)


Reiki enhances the bodies ability to heal itself, it works on balancing the Chakras (energy points along the spine). This is a deeply relaxing treatment which is non invasive (you remain clothed throughout). A safe, natural therapy that promotes healing on all levels.


Effects of Reiki treatment:

Balance energy, increase awareness, healing, amplifies energy, increased creativity, helps release emotions, works on levels of dis-ease and relieves stress.


£20 (30 mins)

£30 (1 hour)

Combine a back massage with a half hour Reiki treatment for ultimate relaxation. 

£35 (1 hour)


Indian head massage


Dating back over a thousand years this treatment relieves tension and stress in the head, neck and shoulders, leaving you with a sense of calm and relaxation.

£30 (1 hour)


HOPI Ear Treatment


This ancient therapy helps to relieve congestion and balance pressure in the ears, forehead and sinuses. A truly soothing and relaxing treatment which includes pressure point and draining massage of the ears and face.

£30 (45 mins)



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